Straight rubber chains (on top)

The offered straight chains have rubber overlays on the backs of the plates, which occur at the points of connection with the stainless pin. The usage of overlays is useful for transporting fragile products that are susceptible to mechanical damage. Straight rubber chains are used in the construction of straight conveyors, and their assembly is uncomplicated thanks to modular construction.

We offer models: 815, 805, 8157, 831, 821, 8257.

General characteristics:

  • made of acetal and polypropylene

  • demonstrates high chemical resistance

  • resistant to corrosion due to low water absorption

  • made of thin, simple plates connected by stainless pin

  • rubber overlays are made of vulcanized elastomer and thus resistant to acids and temperatures up to 90° C

Detailed product characteristics is given in the table below.