SITI-POL  Sp. z o.o. hereby grants the Buyer the proper functioning of the purchased equipment.

1. The warranty for the purchased equipment is valid for 12 months from the date of issue of the invoice to the Buyer.

2. The Buyer undertakes to promptly check in the presence of the courier the goods received for possible mechanical damages in transport and the conformity of the goods with the order.

3. The warranty covers defects caused by defective parts or defects in production.
a) the product showing defects and faults should be delivered to the SITI-POL service in person or by a shipping company with a completed complaint protocol,
b) the contested products shipped by the forwarding company should be adequately protected from damage during transport,
c) all costs related to the transport of the contested goods, insurance and other risks shall be borne by the Customer,
d) ) in order to expedite the handling of the complaint the choice of shipping company should be agreed with the guarantor,
e) the goods should be delivered complete, such as at the time of purchase, in the event of incomplete the service is entitled to refuse warranty repair treating it as fully paid

4. The deadline for recognizing the Buyer’s claim under the warranty is 14 working days from the date of filing the complaint to SITI-POL Sp. z o.o. If, for the process of the complaint, the participation of the manufacturer is required, in particular resulting from the need to send the goods to the manufacturer, the time limit for recognizing the Buyer’s claim under the warranty shall be extended by the time necessary for the examination of the goods sold. In such a case, the Buyer will be notified individually of the date of the warranty claim recognition.

5. The Customer is entitled to exchange the product to a new one, if:
a) during the warranty period, the Service will perform three repairs and the product continues to show significant defects that prevent its usage according with its intended purpose,
b) the service states in writing that the defect removal is impossible,
c) the device is not subject to be repaired, only to being replaced without repair. When exchanging a device for the new, the equivalent of missing or damaged items and the cost of their replacement will be deducted.
6. The warranty does not cover:
a) damage resulting from operation inconsistent with operating instructions,
b) mechanical damage to the product and defects caused by them,
c) malfunction or product damage resulting from fire, lightning strike, power line overage, incorrect supply voltage or other external factors,
d) damage to the product in which unauthorized repairs or modifications have been made,
e) activities that the user should follow according to the manual, such as proper installation, programming, maintenance of equipment, overvoltage protection of power lines,
f) any faulty products or parts that are replaced become the property of the Service carrying out a repair.

7. Warranty privileges do not include reimbursement of lost profits in relation with product failure.

8. The warranty does not cover any claims for product specifications as long as they comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

9. Warranty Card incompletely or incorrectly filled is invalid. The serial number of the device must correspond to the number given in the Warranty Card and the date of sale must be consistent with the date of issue of the proof of purchase.

10. In cases unsettled by conditions of the Warranty Card, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.